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My wife fucked me so hard the other night that the end result would have been picture worthy for your blog. After an hour or so of hot, passionate, sweaty sex, she had came 3 times and was spent (not bragging though, once is usually hard work for me because she is really, really hot and it takes serious zen-like mental focus and discipline to last with her). But she was done and raised up off of me and said "You're turn," and went down on me to finish me off, staring into my eyes the whole time. she was suntanned and pefect and proceeded to give me the hottest blowjob ever, and at the very end, she started jerking me off with one hand, while ferociously licking and sucking and cupping my balls with the other. It felt so good, that I was about to cum, but right before I did, she came up from my balls, grabbed the cock at the bottom with both hands, one on top of the other and put the remaining inches, protruding from the top of her hands, in her mouth, and then moved them all very, very slowly, all the way up and then all the way down. I was freaking out from the sensation and was about to blow, and then took her hands off put them through her hair to pull it back and deep throated me down as far as she could and held the pose for a good 15 or 20 seconds. I could feel the tip of her tongue stretch out of her mouth and almost reach my balls on the underside as she stared at me. The sight and sensation was more than I could handle and as her mouth slowly rose up, I moaned, and felt myself starting to cum. Her mouth came off, and my cock and sprang forward and I came harder than I ever have before. The first spurts of cum flew up my chest and under my chin. The next couple of spurts went all the way up onto my own face and then over my head against the back of the bed. She moaned with pleasure from my pleasure and then quickly grabbed me firmly again with both hands, and pointed my dick towards her and the next few spurts went all over her face, in her mouth and then up over her shoulder and down her back and ass. Cum squirted out 10 or 12 times, and every time, it was shooting out at least a foot or more. I had not had an orgasm in a couple weeks, but had never experienced such an explosion before. It was practically a religious experience. We were both dripping with sweat and covered in my cum and she was loving it. She is not normally into that kind of thing, but the passion of it all must have gotten to her. She collapsed on me and started kissing and licking my neck actually licked the cum from my face (something she had never done) and said it tasted good and then started sliding down me again licking as she went, until she was down south again with me in her mouth. She sucked out every remaining drop of cum and then came back up to lay on my chest. As we started to fall asleep, she said felt cum running down the small of her back and down her ass onto her pussy. Right befroe I fell asleep she whispered, "My God, honey. I have never watched a porno, but there is no way its done any better than that." I have watched plenty of porn, but I think I agree with her. I would give anything to have that hour on film to watch years from now when we are old and wrinkly. I have been so horny and thinking about it constantly for the last 3 days. She is my wife though (sometimes I truly can't believe it). I plan to try to top it tonight. We've been dirty talk emailing all day. This has been the longest work day in history because of it and I have been unable to get up from my chair all day due to the erection she has been giving me. I sent her a link to your blog and told her to "warm up with this when you are in private" Maybe I'll have some pics for you tomorrow. She said she was down for it as long as no one could see our faces or know who it was. i think she actually liked the idea after looking through your blog.

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